Gallary Test 1

Now carefully make these changes: Resize all your images to a fixed size. To change the image size edit 300, 200 where 300 is the width and 200 is the height. If your images are of bigger size then they will be clipped rather resized. So its better that you manually first resize your images in Photoshop and then proceed. Upload your images in blogger and then replace IMAGE LINK 1, IMAGE LINK 2 ,...., so on with your Image links in that order. Replace # with the Page Link. The visitors will click the image to land on a page so mention the URL of that page. If you don't want to link the image then simply delete # Replace DESCRIPTION with some information about the image. This image decription will appear at the top when a user hovers cursor on it. If you don't want to write any description then simply delete DESCRIPTION If you don't want the images to play automatically then turn off auto play. Turn true to false. To change the time interval between next and previous slide then edit 2000 That's it! You are all done! :) You can do a lot more but I am not sharing every thing here for simplicity. Yes you can change its entire look, colors, fonts and all. If you need any further customization then just post your query and I will reply the earliest possible. Need help? If you needed any further help let me know. I have tried to keep the installation as easy as possible and I have made sure that the slideshow loads fast and works on all major browsers. Do let me know how you liked this new widget. :) You may also like these, Jquery Slideshow for blogger Stunning Image Slider for blogger Share Pin it Tweet Share Share Print Next Announcements Widget For Blogger Blogs Previous What are Google +Snippets and Inline annotations? Use HTML 5 Picture Element To Make Webpages Load Faster How To Clean Up A CSS Stylesheet? How To Embed Excel Spreadsheet On A Webpage? If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here » Mohammad Mustafa Mohammad 8/25/2011 CSS and HTMLTricks , Widgets 61 comments